Tuesday, October 19, 2010

While Bob's away...

Well, let me see, Bob has been gone now for 4 days. I actually made a list of things to do while he was away. It is still there, nothing stroked off. Every time he goes away, I fill my calendar with far too many social events. I vowed I would not do that again, but rather I would enjoy my alone time, get at a couple projects I have been putting off and maybe have dinner one night with a friend.

What is it they say..”the best laid plans of mice and men”… it is only Tuesday and I am exhausted. I was out Friday night and Bob hadn’t left yet. Saturday was busy with my little friend Baxter coming for a sleepover. He is three. No work gets done, we simply bond.

Sunday Adam and Caleb came for supper. Not a big deal, but the cover had to come off the barbeque and steaks were in the sink for thawing.

Monday, I had to be at work by 8am as I had to leave by 8:10 for a doctor’s appointment. I wanted them to think that I was at least making an effort. Massage Monday night and then home for a relaxing evening. Thus endeth the “gentle” time.

Out tonight for dinner with my friend Audrey, in Caledon. Tomorrow, dinner with my friend Miss Karen at David’s. Thursday night I am off to Kitchener to pick up Wilda. We are off to dinner & theatre in St. Jacob’s. Not to leave one last night free, I made plans to go out Friday night with my friend Lynda. Dinner & a movie.

I am off on Friday, but have filled it up with appointments. My car needs cleaned inside and out, my hair… well we won’t even go there. Let’s just say that it will be lovely, by noon on Friday. Afternoon, I have running around to do that I promised Bob I would get done in a timely fashion. Before you know it, I will be heading off to Guelph.

I guess what I am trying to say is, I really do miss Bob when he is gone. When he is not away golfing or fishing, I spend more time home alone, watching TV.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Weekend Fun

Last weekend, I took advantage of the wonderful Thanksgiving weather, and decorated the front of my house for Halloween. I kind of had some help. My three year old grandson was “helping”. First he didn’t want to put up the monster streamers because they were too scary, and he was busy jumping in the leaves. Then I was moving some plants around and he was too little to help with that, and he was busy jumping in the leaves. Next, there were two bags to fill with leaves. One looks like a ghost and the other a jack-o-lantern. He couldn’t help with these because they were also too scary, and he was busy jumping in the leaves. I finally convinced him to forget about the leaves so that we could go for a drive and get pumpkins for the porch.

Now I thought a free range pumpkin patch would excite him to death. Wrong…. no running around trying to pick the perfect pumpkin. He just wanted to stay by my side and help with the wheel barrow. I convinced him that we had to actually check each pumpkin to make sure they were “perfect”. Another mistake on my part. You would have thought that I was “new” with children. Once we found the first pumpkin, he found another perfect one. And another one and another one. Now we had 4 perfect pumpkins and I could hardly push that stupid wheel barrow any more. I talked him into going back to the gate and putting these pumpkins in the car. We paid the lady, put the wheel barrow back and got in the car to go home.

Once we were home, there was the task of getting the pumpkins out of the car. One or two of them didn’t seem that heavy, so I thought he might be able to carry them a wee ways. He had other ideas. Before I could stop him, Caleb had pulled the biggest one out of the back and onto the driveway. It proceeded to roll almost to the road. Luckily, it stayed in tact.. not even a crack. Well that was fun, so he pulled on another one. This time I was quicker and I removed all the pumpkins and he rolled them all to the sidewalk.

What I thought might be an hour’s worth of “fun”, turned into three hours of running, jumping and climbing. All of which, I am sure, was just the most fun for Caleb.
Once again, I am reminded why we have our children when we are in our 20’s or 30’s.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

No China Trip next Year

You know those stupid "chain letter" emails you get from your so called friends.  Well my sister sent me one last week, and as I always do, I deleted it and sent it to the trash bin. 
A couple of days before that, I was asked by a friend if I would like to go to China with him.  April 11, 2011, for 21 days.  It was the exact itinerary that I had worked out for Bob & I, should we go. And it was only $3200.00.  A real bargain.  I could hardly breathe.  It was a dream come true.   I could get to walk on the Great Wall of China.  I went home and discussed it with Bob, as there were some awkward conditions involved.  For instance, I would be sharing a room with a "straight" man.  Bob was also concerned that I might have trouble being away for 21 days without family.  He is right, it may have been an issue.  After a short discussion, Bob agreed that it would indeed, be a wonderful opportunity for me and he was not quite as excited as I was about going to China on our next big adventure.  A major condition to the offer was,  my friend's sister was first choice and I was only going if she said "no".  He assured me that there was a very good chance that would happen, as her husband has several health issues that might prevent her from going away for 21 days.
And another totally unrelated item....  I have an annual dinner with 25 - 30 of my most intimate work friends and it is usually held in a local restaurant.  Reservations were booked at Delaineys in Guelph, the invitations were sent out and the RSVP's were rolling in.
Now back to the chain letter....  right after I deleted that email, my friend called to let me know his sister had made arrangements and was able to go to China with him.   I have to admit, I shed a tear or two.   The next day, Delainey's called, cancelling my reservation for next week, because they have had a fire.  I thought frantically and found another venue for my dinner, but now I have to send out 75 new invitations with the alternate location.
Bottom line here... this is all my sister's fault.  If she had not sent me that stupid chain letter,  I would be having dinner at Delainey's next Wednesday and going to China in April. 
I am not sure I will ever forgive her.  She is lucky Christmas is coming up and we already have scheduled dinner together.  Otherwise, I may have shunned her for the rest of the year.   Do you have a crappy chain letter that I can send off to her????

Friday, October 1, 2010

October already

October 1… wow….. I do not know what I am doing with my time. I think maybe I watch too much television and that is why I can’t account for so much of my time. It certainly is not spent sleeping. I am pretty sure I don’t do much of that. My husband assures me that I am up and down half the night. It must be disturbing his sleep or we would never discuss it…

We are going out tonight to look at a “recumbent bike”. Until last week, I had never heard of them, or just didn’t care to know about them. It is a stationary bike for arthritic ridden, old people… that’s us. Bob is wanting to be able to golf without pain and the aftermath of immobility the next day. Me… well I have been offered a chance to go to China and I want to be able to walk and tour all over without holding back the group. Not to mention, my grandson is wearing me down, even when we play inside. He is only three, with a rising energy level. By the time he goes to school, I will not even be able to watch TV with him, if I don’t take action now.

This whole weekend is “activity” related. The bike tonight, shopping all day tomorrow, and golfing on Sunday. Maybe I should consider taking Monday off to rest up or recuperate……..