Tuesday, May 28, 2013

So much to tell you

Before I begin... I would be remise if I did not let you know.... only 210 days until Christmas 2013.
Well.. it is almost 6am.  I will be leaving for Kitchener in about 45 minutes.  Today is my dreaded surgery. 
Yesterday, I had to go to the hospital for my "pre-op".  There really wasn't much of a pre-op.. not that I am overly experienced with this sort of thing.  I have to have a "sentinel lymph node biopsy" today, so yesterday I had to report to "Nuclear Medicine Dept" to have these injections of radioactive dye put into my arm, around the original biopsy.  I am guessing that I will now glow in the dark.
The theory behind this dye, is that it will follow the same path that any cancer might take.The purpose of this dye is to show the surgeon which lymph nodes to remove and he did inform me that they will glow, when he cuts me open.  These nodes will be biopsied to ensure that the cancer is isolated.  I am a glass half full kind of girl, so I am very confident that all will be well, although, I am feeling like a character in a Simpson's episode.
I am a little concerned about where the big black magic marker "X" is on my boob.
If that is where they are going to cut, I won't be able to dress slutty and show my cleavage, when I get to my goal weight, and there are so many friends out there, waiting for that day....
But I must tell you about these shots.... first of all, I thought that there was only one shot and it would be administered on surgery day, under the influence of a heavy sedative.  Well... there were 5 shots done without anything but a kind word and a warning from a very nice nurse.  She informed me that there would be a slight bite with each one, but not to worry as there was a freezing in the shot, so it would not last long.  What she failed to mention was that the bite was from a friggin rottwieller.
The first one "bit" in and it continues for a few seconds while she empty's the vile.
I am hanging onto the bed rails.  Then she informs me she is going in with number 2.  This one is going into a more fleshy part of my arm.  I almost ripped out the bed rails this time.  But I am a brave buckeroo and I did not cry or swear at this woman, not even under my breath.  Now I am shaking, waiting for number 3.... the warning comes and in it goes... not quite as bad as number 2 but worse than number 1....  I have to tell you, I was concentrating so hard on not swearing, I did not notice 4 & 5..... well almost... and that is what I kept telling myself.....
Finally it was over and I had to go sit in the waiting room for an hour, to let the dye travel it's course.  Then I was put on a "camera" bed.  I laid down and this huge flat white table edges it way up my body until it is about 1 inch from my face.  I was a little anxious that it was going to be over my face and almost touching my nose, but she moved it back abit to my relief.  My hands were spread out to my sides and a strap was put over my wrists.  I am not much into bondage, so I found it all a little frightening.  Ten minutes I laid like that while some kind of pictures were being taken.  After that, the camera shelf moves to the sides and I have to lay like that for 5 more minutes. 
When it was all over, I could not get out of there fast enough..... now I am waiting for my ride, to head back over there for more pillaging of my body.... my only comfort is that there will be drugs..... lots and lots of drugs......
I will keep you all posted...maybe not today or even tomorrow, but this week for sure.....