Thursday, August 9, 2012

137 days left... and a day at the movies

Wow... it is mid year, mid summer, mid vacation.  Every night I sit in front of the TV, knitting, trying desparately to get these snuggle blankets done by Thanksgiving...  at the very latest.   I am not as fast as I thought I would be... but I am persistent.  
Anyway, I am enjoying my summer, especially now that I just realized it is about 1/2 over. 
I still have 3 days left of my summer holidays, 3 days to try to get something done...  from the list I made a week ago, before I started my vacation.
Today was a wonderful rainy day.  Bob & I picked up our 5 year old grandson and his very bestest friend, and headed off to the movies... Ice Age to be exact.  First of all the conversation in the car left Bob almost unable to drive.  Our little friend started almost every sentence with "when my dad was living...." and as far as we know, he is alive and well.  Then the two boys discussed that they are probably twins.  I tried to explain that twins would be brothers and since both of them are brothers with other syblings, that almost confirms it for them...  they are twins.  Then the fart, poop, and bum jokes started.  Keep in mind that these boys are 5.  Once we get to the theatre and are seated, with our popcorn, there is lots of talk about whether they have already seen this movie before, will it be too scarey for them because they are only five, what if they have to go pee when the theatre gets dark.... the questions, fears and solutions continue until the theatre darkens. 
Have you ever watched a movie in a theatre filled with small children.  The chatter never stops.... the laughter and giggles are so honest and contagious.... and comments on almost every scene are heard throughout the theatre.  We were lucky that our boys did not have to pee until the movie was over... other parents and grandparents were not so lucky.  One dad in front of us, had to leave 3 times for a bathroom break... and everyone in the theatre knew where they were going....
That is the other joy of small children... they do not understand whispering or even "inside" voices.
In the movie, there is a joke, and the word "booger" is used.  We heard that joke at least 10 times during supper, and then the giggles would last for 2 or 3 minutes.  No one in the restaurant seemed to mind...  the giggles were contagious for everyone around us.
Finally the ride home.  We tried to play "I Spy".  The boys did not quite get the concept.  They would "spy" things in their own bedrooms, or something they had seen another day.  Then we tried to play "car bingo"..  you know, the first person to find items on a list, wins.. just like bingo.  That got boring when someone had more items than the other.  That was when "are we home yet?" started.  I quickly ran out of treats to distract them, and Bob's knuckles were getting pretty white on the stearing wheel, when the "are we home yet?", started again...  
Tomorrow, I think we will head out on our own, I will try to stay quiet, so that Bob's last day of vacation is more relaxing.........