Friday, July 27, 2012

oh ye of little faith

I know that several of you out there do not think I will get all my "homemade" Christmas gifts done in time, but I will have you know that I have one snuggle blanket about 1/2 finished.  That leaves only 1 1/2 blankets, about 10  pair of slippers, unknown numbers of cookies, tarts and breads, mittens and hats to do.  No worries.  There are still 150 days until Christmas.... that's lots of time.
I have about a dozen of those knitted dish clothes done if any body wants one. 
I have been spending so much time with my grandsons these days.  It is hard to believe that they are already 1 and 5.   Caleb turned 5 a couple weeks ago and now believes that there is nothing he can't do because he is five. 
Right now I am trying to prepare myself for another session with a contractor in my house.   We finally decided to go ahead and get the main floor bathroom done.  All I ask is that they show up everyday until they are done...  seriously... is that too much to ask for.  I can imagine what my boss would say if I  just didn't show up because I had other stuff to do. 
Well..  I had better not start thinking that way before the poor fellow starts to work.    As you know, if things don't go well, I will be venting or rather posting to the blog, every day.