Sunday, May 27, 2012

Summer at last... and only 7 months to Christmas

I had an amazing day today.  Slept until 9, had breakfast with my youngest son & his wife, then I worked my butt off in my flower beds.  And, as if I don't have enough flowers to water, cut back and lord knows what else needs to be done to them... I went to visit a friend and brought home a black eyed susan big enough for 6 gardens. 
But on arriving at home, my grandsons were here waiting to go swimming.  The best part about this hot weather is that my grandsons are over to swim almost everyday.  Today they didn't come alone, they brought 2 of their little friends.  Let me tell you... 4 kids all under 5, 4 adults and me in the pool, does not make for a relaxing time in the water... Between the exciting squeals, the "watch me, watch me" yelling, and all the splashing, well let's just say it was like going back in time to the Fergus public pool.  Now it is after midnight and I am thinking I should probably go for quiet swim before going to bed... just to experience the quiet again....
It is now less than 7 months until Christmas and I have been thinking alot about what to get everyone.   I have made a decision...  way too much money is spent, so I decided to make my gifts very very personal this year.   There are 2 little boys that I like to buy for and this year I am making them both cuddle blankets that will be just for them.  Others will get wonderful, well in my opinion, they will be wonderful.... baskets filled with homemade "stuff"...  maybe jams, maybe breads, maybe cookies, maybe slippers....  this all means that I have to start now...  Adam, my first born, is already making fun of me, saying I will never get it all ready in time.  Little does he know, that I get 6 weeks vacation now and every second Friday off...  I may not sleep much for the next  6 months, but I will "git er done".