Friday, June 24, 2011


I have to say that this has certainly been a busy week.  Just a quick recap... last Friday evening I stayed up all night with several friends and family, walking a grass track, in honor of family & friends who have fought and lost and those that have won their battle, with cancer.  The Fergus Relay for Life was the hot spot to be. Our team raised an amazing $9200.00.
All weekend I busied myself with getting the house ready for rehab... Bob was scheduled for knee replacement.  Tuesday, our beautiful new grandson came into our family.  This morning Bob went in and now has a beautiful new "bionic" knee.   I am expecting great things from him now... like a walk around the block would be nice.  I am worried about that Bionic sound that we used to hear when the six dollar man used to run...  I always found that annoying.
I have always said that I have absolutely no Martyr tendencies and that if Bob ever got sick, he could expect to go directly to the home as I also possess no nursing skills. (or patience)  I told him that, even before we got married so he knew that when I said in our wedding vows, " in sickness and in health"   I had my fingers crossed.
So 35 years later, he is broken and without hesitation, expects me to stick around and see that he gets fixed.
I decided I would try it and see where it goes....   so......  this morning, instead of just dropping off at the drive thru at the hospital, I parked the car and took him in.  He was a little nervous.  Not only did I help him with his registration, I went with him to check into the day surgery room.  I had expected to just leave him there, but the nurse made me come with them into the little room where he had to change into the Peekaboo gown and paper slippers.   I really should have taken pictures.   In comes this perky little nurse to check his vitals and get some disclaimers signed.  I suggest that maybe it is time for me to go on to work, when she asks if I would like to sit in the waiting room until the surgery is done.  I thought she was joking so I just laughed.  Then she sort of cocked her head to one side and stared at me the way the dog did when he was confused.  I had to explain that no, I would not be staying, but perhaps someone could call me when it was over.  "oh yes", she said, "we can do that".   I gave her my cell number, which Bob thought to be quite funny as I seldom have it turned on.  Which by the way I did turn on as soon as I got to the car.
After about five minutes or so, she is done her little jobs and says "I'll be right back with the I.V.".   I no longer cared what they thought of me as the caring wife.... I was out of there.   I assured Bob that I did indeed love him, kissed him good-bye, and headed out the door.... with a promise to return sometime later in the day.
Well...  I kept my promise....   I left work early, went and did some shopping for the new baby, thought I should probably pick up a few things for myself, and then headed to the hospital.   By now it was after 4pm.  I figured he would be in good shape by then.   WRONG...  he looked half dead when I came into his room.  He was definitely not feeling as great as he thought he would be.  He wasn't paying attention when I talked to him, something about the nausea and the pain.....  I 'm not really sure....  I tried to interest him in my purchases, but I don't think he was listening.   Kept whining about being tired.  I mean.... he seemed to be abit tired after his surgery.  I told him I would not talk for awhile if he wanted to sleep, and he took me up on it.   I sat there with no book, nothing to do, for a whole hour, listening to him snore and the guy in the next bed,  bitch about how stupid it was he couldn't go home... and why don't they have pizza in this hospital.
I kept looking at Bob laying there, slightly elevated, hands crossed over his chest.... .do you see where I am going with this....  all of a sudden I started to laugh, out loud, because all I could think was, "my God... when he dies we are going to have to have a closed casket... he looks terrible laying there." 
When he finally woke up, he suggested I go home as he wasn't wanting to talk to me anyway.  I said it was just like home and he told me to "piss off".  I guess he is feeling better after that brief nap.
Well I did my wifely duty.... no on can say I didn't try.
In fact, I have asked my Catholic friends to send a note to the Pope inquiring about Martyrdom..
Don't you agree??????????????

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Once again..... I'm back

My promise to write regularly in this blog just keeps getting harder.  Although, today it is really easy to write.  We have been blessed with another grandbaby.  Our new grandson is Jackson Richard Gear.  He arrived yesterday, June 21, 2011 at noon, weighing in at a whopping 8lbs 10 oz.   Tomorrow I get to go to the hospital to hold him for the first time.  His big brother Caleb met him today.  According to his Dad, he was very excited.  My life is filled with beautiful boys.
On the other topic that I am sure you are all waiting to hear about...... the renovations......  the contractor is done.... do not confuse that with "the renovation is done".  My kitchen is beautiful.  Lovely hardwood floors, new cupboards and appliances.  But the finishing touches...  well, let's just say.. there aren't any finishing touches.  The trim is incomplete, the bathroom is a bare room filled with extra drywall and insulation that they didn't even bother to clean up.  The broom closet has not trim or even a door. 
The bottom line is that I am sure the contractor had every intention of completing this job, but it was important to me to have the house finished for Christmas 2011.  If you get my drift.
Any additional work that gets done, will be prefaced with a contract containing  a solid finishing date.
Anyway, feel free to stop in to see what is done and after all...  the front and back yard are magnificent.