Wednesday, May 4, 2011


Another day… more dust. I know I should not complain as more dust means that they are working everyday. But seriously, I am tired of chewing it. The minute I walk thru the door, I start licking my lips due to the dryness and all I taste is drywall dust. Not to mention, all my clothes have a powdery tinge to them.

I am so tired of eating out and trying to make meals for us at home. There just isn’t any room for preparation. Yesterday I gave in and bought a pile of prepared meals. There were steamy bowls, rice bowls, TV dinners, healthy microwavable meals, you name it and I think I saw it in the grocery store. I even bought little individual packages of cut up veggies, including calorie-wise dressing. I was able to make my lunch at home for today, with virtually no effort. On Monday, I barbequed chicken breasts, pork chops and breaded Swiss melts. Put them all in the fridge so that I can just throw them together with an M&M potato or pre-packaged salad. Almost like having a sink and counter of my own. The challenge will be to keep it up for another 3 or 4 weeks.

The other issue is the closeness between Bob & I. I am not talking relationship, I am talking physical distance…. there is none. We sit together in a spare room upstairs as I have mentioned before… filled with boxes and Rubbermaid containers, two chairs, two TV tables and a TV. The arms of the chairs are touching. I have tried to rearrange for more room but it just can’t be done. Well Bob says it can be done if I would throw out most of the “stuff”. I guess none of it is his……..