Tuesday, January 25, 2011

First Month

One full month has passed since that wonderful day in December.  I still have the tree up, but it will be coming down this weekend.  My grandson is here today and I told him I was taking it down.  He said: "I will no like that Grandma... I want the tree all the time".  I have him so well trained. 
Anyway... that means that we have only 11 months until Christmas 2011... just 334 days... where does the time go?
As you all know, we have been doing some renovations around the house.  When it was started, I was told it was a fairly small project, very basic.... should only take about 3 weeks.  That was in October.  We do have dry wall up now and it has been taped and mudded.  Should be done any day now...  so I have been told.
Well, yesterday I was told, by Bob, to get up to Dixon's, the local lumber yard, and pick out the paint.  I had already done that back in October, but the "chip" got misplaced.  Well..  the bonus ... Dixon's still has some Christmas decorations on sale, 75% off.  Well, I couldn't just go in there and not buy something.  So, I picked out my paint chip and a beautiful Santa face for somewhere in the house next Christmas.  It was a win-win occasion for me.
Our plan is to continue renovations.... a major one is the next step... kitchen and bathroom.  As much as I want a new kitchen, I am not sure I want to go back into a mess so soon after the first one.   We have gained much knowledge from our first experience and there will definitely be some changes made for the next one.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Dreary Nights & Payback

During December, I really enjoyed evening walks.  All the pretty lights glowing from inside everyone's home and the beautiful decorations & lights adorning the outside of so many houses.  Now... it is so dark and gloomy looking.  Every once in awhile, a light or two pops up to bring a smile to my face.  I always find January so depressing.   I get up in the dark, I come home from work in the dark.  That is why I leave my tree up so long.  It is so the rest of my family does not have to endure the wrath of my depression.  You see, I only do it for them.  Once again showing what a self less person I am, always thinking of others.
I had a call from a little 3 year old friend yesterday.  He just left a message on voice mail.  His "bah humbug" father was encourging him in the background to say "Christmas is over Donna".   Well I have news for him.  I will be spending 7 days with his four, impressionable children in the very near future, and you would be amazed how quickly I can erase that humbug brain washing.  Special treats and small gifts help as well. 
I may even convince them to push their parents for a Christmas in July celebration.  They are four in number and the parents are only two.
You would think that John would learn.... don't mess with Donna & Christmas.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Where is Everyone

Today I had some free time and that always makes me restless. I decided that it had been weeks since I had browsed the blogs I like to follow. Everyone appears to be in the same position I am. Either too busy or just can’t be bothered to write just now.

I have started 2011 off on the right foot, and I already have 2 posts on my own blog. When I went to “Writers Ink” and saw no recent blogs, I decided to add one. Maybe this will help others to get writing again, at least where I can see it.

I am sorry I missed Tuesday night’s dinner, but weather was lousy and I just wanted to get home after work.

I am sure the conversation was plentiful and stimulating, as always. Hopefully I will make it next month.

I haven’t written much more than my annual Christmas letter until just recently and I haven’t read a book in over a month. As much as I love Christmas, it takes it’s toll on the other pleasures of my life. Now that 2010 is behind us and we still have 353 days until next Christmas, you can look forward to seeing more of my writing, right here. All the best in 2011 to everyone………. dg

OMG let this day be over

Yesterday, was one of those days. I am totally blaming my husband for all of it.

We both had to get up for work. Being the kind, generous person that I am, I told him that he could have the bathroom first, “but I was shutting off my alarm, so please wake me when you are done”. He heard, “wake me when you leave the house”. Even if that is what I had said, normally that would not be too bad, as he leaves about 7:40. But yesterday, he had a dentist appointment before work, so he woke me at 8:15. I hauled out of bed, had a quick shower, dried my hair, dressed and was out the door by 8:45. Not bad….

Then it all came apart. First off, my house key got stuck in the lock. I could not get it out. I pulled and twisted for about 10 minutes. Finally I went back into the house and searched for the WD-40. Once I found it, I sprayed into the lock until it was oozing oil. Out came my key. Then I scurried down the stairs to my car. The doors were frozen shut. I tried them all. Only 10 minutes earlier, there had been construction workers in my yard, but they left, I am assuming, for coffee.

Finally I put my foot on the passenger door and pulled the driver door with all my might. It gave way. I ended up sitting on the rocks, but the door was open.

I didn’t even let the car warm up before I was on the road. Now I was really late. It was after 9am. When I hit the main road, I got behind a woman who was, in my opinion, afraid to drive with a light snow covering on the road. 30km per hour. Good God, I was never going to get to work. I decided to take the back road. It didn’t look too bad. Well not to far down the road, there was a car in the ditch. The tow truck was pulling it out and the police had me wait until he was done. Fifteen minutes later, I was on my way.

Finally….. I was at work. I almost missed coffee break.

This is not the end of my story……. I went out to lunch with a friend and we tried a new restaurant. It was okay, not rushing back, but okay.

Well…. About 3pm, my stomach was not feeling great. By 4:30 I was in the washroom, tossing my lunch. I immediately felt better.

I finished up my work for the day and headed home. That woman I had encountered in the morning was back on the road, or maybe still there from morning. I am sure it was her. Once or twice, we got it up to 70km in an 80km zone.

When we got into town, I remembered I had to pick up a few things from the grocery store.

Lettuce…. they didn’t have any left, just prepacked bags….yuck.

Hamburg buns…. Didn’t have any, maybe tomorrow , the young man told me.

Milk…. They didn’t have any 1% left, in any size.

So………………… I bought chocolate.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year

I hope you all had the wonderful Christmas and holiday season that we did at our house. For the past month, our house has been filled regularly with friends and family. Not to mention the glow of pretty Christmas lights. Our new room out back is not finished yet.... big surprise. I had hoped for Remembrance Day, then I put my hopes in Dec 1, then Christmas. I have resigned myself to the waiting game. Maybe Ground Hog day we can celebrate "the room".

Right now we are sharing our annual tradition of watching the Rose Bowl Parade with our grandson Caleb. Once the parade is finished, the football marathon begins. I had no idea there could be that much football in one day until I met my husband 36 years ago. Now there is so much of it, that it takes more than one day. When we were first married, my immediate family would all gather at my parents home in the early afternoon. We would play cards until supper was ready. Friends would drop in periodically throughout the day, some joining us for supper, which was always ham & scalloped potatoes. Bob would always sit and watch the football, alone in the living room. Then, one year, disaster struck... the current "bowl" game was all tied up when the 2 minute warning was sounded. Bob's "team", whoever that was, had possession of the ball. As the favored football player grabbed the ball and headed for the end zone, my mother snapped off the TV, announcing supper was ready. Everyone in the house gasped and then total silence surrounded us all. Mother then stated," come on, there will be another game on after supper". Bob turned the TV back on quickly, but not fast enough. His team had fumbled the ball, just short of the touchdown, the other team recovered the ball and made the touchdown of the century.

Needless to say, that was our last New Year's Day with my family. Our own tradition began.... home alone..... I started doing jigsaw puzzles.

Well, I must prepare for my family to come over for supper..... they know not to touch the TV or disturb their father and they are all very helpful with the puzzle.

Happy New Year to you all and I wish you all the best of 2011.