Monday, September 27, 2010

89 more sleeps

As I sit here listening to a Christmas CD, knowing it is only 89 more sleeps...... my thoughts wonder off to a "Christmas Lit House" ... my house. I know I should not wish away the days of my life, and I would not really wish for Christmas year round. Then the "special" of the season might be lost. I spent the weekend with my four little friends. We actually talked about Christmas..... they brought it up..... I love it. All my training over the years has not been wasted. Currently I am planning a four day weekend sleepover with them in November. Mom & Dad are hoping for a quiet retreat. The timing will be perfect. We can decorate the house, inside and out. We can bake. Hopefully the weather will be dry and we can spend some time outside just enjoying the late fall. I can never let the parents know that this is my kind of retreat... they may start charging me money to bond with the children.

I am going shopping on Saturday, for Christmas fabric. I am making new Stockings for the entire family this year. A friend is taking me to Hamilton, to "fabric alley". I inherited a new sewing machine a couple years ago, one with all the gadgets. I am going to spend my evenings this week, figuring it out. I want to be able to start sewing them up asap. No excuses for waiting until the last minute.....

The contractor was over last week and gave me a drawing of my new room... wahoo... very exciting. Hope to start work on my new room in a couple weeks and expect to be done 3 - 4 weeks later. It should be ready for use by Liverfest. I have plans for the new room. Bob has plans for the new room... I don't think they match up at all. We will see.......

Monday, September 20, 2010

Wow... Monday already.  The weekend passed way to fast.  I did housework, laundry, cooking.... and all I really wanted to do was sleep. I truly believe I was meant to be born with money instead of my terrific personality and good looks.

Bob was busy all day Saturday at the Firehall. Toll Bridge for MD. He spent all day counting the money and then when he came home, he was in bed by 8pm. The remote was mine. Not that there is anything great to watch on a Saturday night, but I taped shows all week that I wanted to see.

I love my VCR. Not sure if I am ready to upgrade to a PVR... just more technology for me to learn and screw up.

I booked my time off for the trip to Vegas. I think I am supposed to be grateful that Bob is taking me along, but instead I am making demands about when we leave and where we leave from.... I think I have forgotten my place...... although... I am not sure I ever really had a "place". If I had vented to anyone else besides Bob, I would appologize, but I doubt that he was even listening. He looked abit "glazed" when I was ranting the other night.

The theatre experience Thursday night was fun. The play was a comedy, so lots of laughing. It was held at the St. Jacobs Schoolhouse. For anyone who hasn't been there, it is set up cafe style. Small tables with 4 chairs around them. The couple that sat with us, were very nice. Wilda kept telling them the same story over and over, about how everywhere she goes, someone she knows comes up to her and gives her a big hug. All of this due to her years in softball in this area. The first time her and Stan, her gentleman companion, went out to the Schoolhouse, the couple that sat with them was an old friend of hers from her umpiring days. Poor Stan was left out of the conversation for the most part and Wilda thought he was abit jealous of all the attention she was attracting...... or so the story goes....... That poor couple with us Thursday night, heard the story at least 3 times in full and another 2 or 3 times in part. I was afraid she was going to keep talking to them thru out the show, but as soon as it started, she stopped talking.... at least until intermission. Enough time had passed by and she forgot she had told the lovely couple at our table, about her and Stan. Soooo, they heard it one more time. At the end of the evening, I thanked them for being so kind and just nodding and smiling as Wilda told her story.
Tonight, I am heading for a massage.  A full hour of kneading and poking to make me feel better.  Magic fingers pushing all those aches and pains out of this old body.   Hopefully that "feel good" feeling will last more than a couple of days.  
Everyone benefits when I am feeling good.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

WOW... desktop banner shows only 100 days until Christmas. Just yesterday I was golfing and thinking a swim in the pool when I get home will be good. But it is definitely Fall. Dark by 8pm and way too cool to go for a swim, even if the pool is heated up to 86F.

It was a great day to golf yesterday. The weather was perfect, which just means it didn't rain and we were all very grateful. The dinner afterwards was so good, and I spent the day with some friends I had not connected with in quite awhile. I even made some terrific shots that won the praise of my group.

I am sure they really were great shots and that my friends were not just trying to make me feel good. Also, I am feeling very stiff and sore today, so I must have golfed good.
I am heading off to the Theatre tonight with my good friend Wilda.  Always a fun experience.  First off, Wilda is 91.  She has no filters left. If someone annoys her, she just blasts off about it, caring less about who can hear her.  Her hearing is also diminishing, but as is the case with most seniors.... it is not her hearing.  "You must be mumbling or just not speaking up."   When we go to the theatre, she usually talks thru most of the show, asking me "what did they say".
I can usually talk for days about a 4 hour evening with Wilda as it is free entertainment at it's best.   I sometimes wonder why we pay so much money for the show.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Vegas here we come

For about a month now, Bob has been saying that he was going to win his pool championship and go to Vegas.  Well.... this past weekend, he played Friday night until very late, Saturday, all day-until very late, and again all day Sunday.  First as a team and then individual.  He arrived home late Sunday night, looking very tired.  He informed me that he lost the individuals, in the finals, in the last match.  I try very hard to be sympathetic about these things, so I just remarked...  "I guess no Vegas this year".   To my surprise, and I do mean I was very surprised, he announced that he wasn't going as a single, but he was going with the team.  "Did I want to come along?"  Hell yes.....  So... we leave Nov 3 and return Nov 8.   He has to play 2 matches a day. (whatever that means).  I can do whatever I like, but maybe the rest of the wives would be coming to watch them play....  I really don't care for this kind of peer pressure.  I have been on the internet, checking out shows....  did you know that Don Rickles is still alive?  and working?  I now believe that Vegas is where old entertainers go to die.... Tony Orlando, Sheena Easton... Donnie & Marie.. and oh dear God....Andy Williams..  I am sure he is dead, but still doing 2 shows a night...
Maybe I will just go to gamble and eat.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Old Timers already

This past Friday, I packed up my "stuff" at the end of the day, to head home.  I reached into my pocket for my car keys, only to find that they weren't there.  I checked my purse, checked my back pack, and re-checked my pockets.  Nothing.  Now I dumped out my purse, dumped out my back pack, and re-checked my pockets.  Nothing. Alright... now I am in a bit of a panic.  I retraced my morning steps, checked both bathrooms that I went into during the day.  I checked in with security..... Nothing.  Now I need a plan of action.....  I decided to head back to the office to call Adam.  He can go over to the house and bring me my spare set of keys.  That is when I run in to Kim Mc.... I must have had a look of great stress on my face because she asked me if I was okay.  When I explained the situation, she offered to drive me home.  That worked for me.  Bob had to come back into Guelph later that night anyway, so I could just hook up a ride with him.  Once I got home, I dropped all my "stuff" and thought I should go out to the garden and see if there were any new tomatoes.  It was getting cool, so I grabbed for my jacket.  It wasn't there.   
my jacket was at work, with my car keys in the pocket.  I suddenly remembered that it was quite cool at 6:30am, when I left for work, so I grabbed my jacket.  Of course when I got out of the car, I put the keys in my pocket.  Mystery solved, feeling pretty stupid.   I had to tell Bob I lost my keys, because I needed him to drive me into Guelph, but, I wasn't going to tell him about my jacket. However, when he picked me up to go to Guelph , he said I should go back in and get my jacket as it was cold out.... I had to fess up.  By the way, I found my keys this morning, in the jacket pocket......

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Did you miss me

I offer no excuses.  I just can't be bothered to do anything these days.  But, I have made a positive change recently.  I did something called a parasite cleanse for a whole week.  Apparantly we all have hundreds of little parasites in our bodies. Sounds disgusting I know, but it was in the form of a capsule with my breakfast, so nothing too grose.    Well... I can hardly carry my own weight around, I am not about to back pack these foreign entities.  Happily, I did have an increase in my energy level.  It doesn't matter if it was real or in my mind, it worked.  So, I decided to also rejoin WW for about the 57th time.  One week under my belt and I am down 4.5 lbs.   Wahoo.
I promised my friends that if I ever get thin, I am going to go with a slutty look, so they are all very supportive, hoping to see this transformation.
Keep your fingers crossed for me. Let's hope I can stay on track for another week.