Friday, April 9, 2010


Well, yesterday morning I came into work and found an email from my sister. She just became the first time Grandma of a beautiful little girl. I have a great - niece and her name is Lillie. I could hardly wait for my work day to end so that I could go and introduce myself to her.

I got to the hospital after the daytime visiting hours and before the evening visitation. The nurses tried to give me their best disciplinary stares, but I was going in anyway. There she was, all bundled up, just waiting for me. I gently picked her up and introduced myself. I told her that I was her Auntie Donna who she would worship and adore. She wrinkled up her tiny face, opened her eyes and smiled at me. Then she relaxed and snuggled in for a wonderful cuddle, knowing, she was already safe in my heart. I told her what a special place Christmas was and not to worry that there were only 261 days left, I would make sure she was well prepared and her first Christmas would indeed be special.... as special as she is.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Just 262 days

It was brought to my attention this morning that I have been negligent in my duties. I offer no excuses. I could tell you that I have been so busy at work or home, but the truth is, I just plain forgot. I know that is hard to believe but I will make every effort to ensure it doesn't happen again.

The weather has turned cold again here in Southern Ontario, so it should be easy to actually think about December 2010. Don't you find it hard to believe that 103 days or over 3 months have passed since Christmas 2009. Every year, time passes by quicker than the last.

I am currently planning on a renovation at my house to add a floor to ceiling bay window in the front where everyone who passes by my house from Nov to Feb will be able to see and enjoy, my beautiful tree with it's 900 pretty lights. It is causing some dissension between my husband and I, but we all know, that I will win in the end.

Well, before you spot that first robin, or your tulips come into bloom, just take a moment to remember, there are only 262 days to wait...............